Blond Bombshell So High Fashion

via fashiongonerogue

I don’t usually blog about models just because of the fact that there are so many good up and coming supermodels that I would have to open a new other blog just for them. But the South African model Candice Swanepoel has actually cought my eye. She definitely is a pretty face  and photographs really well. Not to mention the fact that she is African, born in Kwazulu-Natal and actually is my age! (I should now be dying of envy and questioning my existance). All that apart, Candice (do your friends call you Candi?) is not only known for being one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angel but also for featuring in high fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia. A “blond bombshell” with commercial face doing high fashion. There are a thousand other models just as beautiful as she is but she takes such good photographs that when we see her on high fashion magazines we actually forget about her whole commercial/femme fatal look going on. Props must also be given to the stylist and all production team involved!

What? Me having a crush on Candice Swanepoel? Oh please.

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