Interview: Tshego Seakgoe Covering Playboy

I guess many of us have heard about Tshego Seakgoe. The south african beauty who was the first black woman to grace the cover of Playboy at the age of 21! I had the honor of interviewing her and she was very sweet in accepting to be interviewed for my blog! So exciting!! She might be known for her playboy cover but did you know that when she was younger she sang for Nelson Mandela on his 80th birthday? Go girl!

Anyways, here is Part 1 of the interview! Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will be asking her some more interesting questions!

Ve: Congratulations for being the first black South African woman on the cover of playboy. How do you feel?

TS: Being the first Black South African on the cover of Playboy South Africa has been such a great honor; I have learnt so much and experienced so many wonderful things because of it. It has done so well for my career as a model and opened many doors

Ve: When did you start modeling?

TS: I started modeling professionally from June 2010 so it’s only been a year and already so much has happened. I am so blessed

Ve: How did you end up posing for playboy? Was it something you have always wanted to do?

TS: Playboy was definitely not something I had ever planned or seen myself doing. I heard about the casting call through an amazing Stylist friend of mine Sian Bianca Moss who thought id do great as a playmate; so I went for the casting and got the job 🙂 Sian even worked on my shoot as hair and makeup stylist. She is just so talented.

Ve: Have you had any problems posing semi-naked since South Africa and Africa in general still are more conservative towards nudity? Are you having good reviews and support?

Yes South Africa and Africa as a whole are VERY conservative and so it took a while for me to finally decide to do the shoot. I have my friends and family support and they supported me from day one so having a support system like that I was very confident in my decision to pose nude. I have gotten such a great response from doing the shoot and as I said before it has opened a lot of doors and its doing great for my career.

Ve: You are a familiar face between Angolans, as I know you have been to Luanda before. How did that happen?

A very good friend of mine Yadi Da Silva Lemos took me on holiday with her there in 2009 December and I LOVED it. I really love Angola and the people there and want to go back very soon. The place and people are equally as beautiful. I could see myself living there for a few years.

Ve: What are your aspirations as a model? Do you prefer modeling on Catwalks or doing Photo-Editorials?

I love modeling its a passion of mine, I love both ramp and editorials but because I’m only 1.69m tall I don’t get to do a lot of ramp work which is why I focus my attention on editorials, adverts and I’d love to get more involved in the entertainment industry in South Africa maybe radio and TV. I am young and I believe you should try as many things as possible while your still young, the sky is NOT the limit…there’s foot prints on the moon.

I have to thank again Miss Seakgoe for giving me this opportunity! My first ever exclusive interview!! Stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview!

ps: if you wish to use this material credit

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