Getting To Know Tshego Seakgoe

Heyyy guys! Here it is part two of my interview with the fab model and Playboy South Africa’s Miss May Tshego Seakgoe! I’ll be asking her some more personal questions regarding her own style. Hope you enjoy!

Ve: Favorite Designer?

Gucci I love how classic and timeless their pieces are. But I also love Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld; the list goes on and on.

Ve: Memorable Outfit?

My most memorable outfit was my Matric dance (prom) after party outfit, it was an exact replica of an outfit Rihanna had worn and I got it made for myself. It was a high waist shocking pink and silver tight mini, with a black vest and black painted heels. It was AMAZING simple but so sexy and everyone died over it 🙂

Ve: High Heels or Flats?

Heels, Heels, Heels! They are what make women sexy because it changes your posture, makes you look taller and gives you that sexy walk. The more you practice to walk in them the better they will work for you. But I have days where I just want to wear flats.

Ve: If you could shop in only one store what would it be?

TS: Oooh that’s hard because I love a lot of stores but if I could only shop in one store forever I think it would have to be a vintage store because you find one of a kind items and clothes from back then with really good quality.

Ve: Beauty essentials?

TS: Moisturizer, Mascara, Lip-gloss and Foundation, that’s all it takes to enhance your beauty.

Ve: Inspiration?

TS: My younger brother Ofentse inspires me; he is such a beautiful soul. I wish more people were like him; he inspires me to be a good person. A lot of women in my life inspire me Iwona Da Silva Lemos is one of them; she has been such a positive influence in my life.

Ve: Biggest luxury?

TS: My Prada Bag, I LOVE IT!

Ve: How do you define your style?

TS: Oooh that’s a little hard because I love to experiment, one day I’ll be all glamorous with the faux fur and big glasses and the next day I’ll be dressed liked an 80s rap star with the army boots baggy jeans and neon pink cropped top. I love playing with fashion.

Ve: Finally, any fashion tips you’d like to share?

TS: Fashion can be bought but style is eternal, so go crazy and play with fashion, try new things and don’t conform to what all the fashion magazines tell us is fashionable. If you’re confident in your clothes then other people will see it and appreciate your style 🙂 so DO YOU and FUCK THE HATERS!

I like her attitude!

Big thanks to Tshego Seakgoe for the interview and G. Mendes for hooking me up!

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