Miss Universe 2011

I think that by now the whole of Africa and probably the whole world (unless you’re excluded from the society and all of the social network) we all know that the new Miss Universe 2011 is Angolan. The 4th african woman winning Miss Universe since 1999! Correct me if i’m wrong.  To be honest, I don’t watch these type of events anymore (who does anyways?), but this one is different. There’s been so much controversy behind her winning the crown that is quite sickening. Get over it guys. The Miss Universe 2011 is Angolan, gorgeous, intelligent and her name is Leila Vieira Lopes.

Bye haters!

4 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2011

  1. she was by far the most refreshing and sincere looking girl amongst all of them, why all the controversy??, because she’s black and smart and beautiful??…really people the judges saw something in her that they didnt see on the others so haters talk as much as you want and byte your tongue while you doing it cause Leila Lopes from Angola is here to stay

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