DIY: Charms and Pins Handbag

I feel like I’ve been away for so long, but it’s that time of the year that we have to focus and concentrate on exams, essays and dissertation. I won’t be going on hiatus, don’t want to leave you without any updates so I’ll try my best to post more often.

Anyways, I decided to give a little twist to my old vintage crochet purse I found at a thrift shop. So I decided to change the purse by putting pins, religious charms and military medals. Couldn’t find what I wanted but found something similar. If you’re bored of an old handbag and seriously thinking on throwing it away or giving it to the local charity, think again. Get that old purse, white or black, and give it a twist with pins and charms (you can find them on ebay). You’ll have a brand new handbag. Here is a preview of my DIY purse:

(DIY Charms and Pins Handbag)

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