Having it all: on a Budget

I used to be one of these people that always wanted to have it all on my own terms. With the internet you see all your favorite celebrities and style icons on these glossy street style pictures during fashion shows setting the trends and establishing what’s in and what’s not. What are the key pieces and designer item every fashionista should have on their wardrobe. And since you think you are or would like to be a so called “fashionista” you feel gutted that you can’t afford certain pieces just because they’re too expensive! (I’m not talking about me). So what to do? You could never afford to buy the latest Balenciaga sweater without having to sacrifice your month’s salary and a month worth of food supply. How can you be on trend, and keep up with the designer brands that you see during every fashion week season that by the way have become more frequent? In this article I’m spilling the beans and filling you in on how you can manage to buy certain designer items. Let the countdown begin!

image009via google

1- First and foremost, DO NOT be an impulsive consumer! Whenever you see your favorite idol walking around with the newest trend shoes, don’t urge to go into the shops to get them. That’s because, chances are, they don’t even like it that much and they’re just wearing it to do some publicity so that people like us go and buy them.

2- Develop your own fashion style. When you have a defined fashion style it will be easier for you to combat impulsive buying. You will buy what suits you instead of what’s on trend.

3- That leads us to number 3: DO Not be a fashion victim. Don’t be a slave for fashion. It’s not cool. Be a slave for your own unique style. When you’re looking to have the trendy item for the season first think what colors and prints are in and then you can go find something similar with the same prints, patterns, silhouette or colors without having to buy the same brand everyone is using and you’ll stand out from the crowd!

4- Look out for the sales! It’s the best way to get the best items for the fraction of the price. WHen you do this, again, don’t buy just anything you find your way. It is during the sales season that we have to be extra careful so that we don’t end up with things we won’t use or things that won’t suit us. Buy wisely.

6- A good way of kicking off your sale season is by doing some research online. Make a list of the things you’d like to buy and then check online on websites such as Matches, Net-a-porter and the Outnet if the things you want are available on sale.24449_10000633

7- Invest in classic items. If your not the classic, conservative one, you can still invest in eye catching pieces as long as they’re well executed because we all know fashion comes and go and what’s not in today will definitely be hot again tomorrow. The reason I say that is that even some designer brands will have some designs with the materials and finishes that are less luxurious and that you’d probably be off buying an imitation at Zara.

8- Check out vintage shops and online vintage shops. You’ll be able to find one of a kind pieces and if you’re lucky you’ll find them at affordable prices. Ps: the majority of the new “fashionistas” celebrated in websites such as JakandJil and the Sartorialist, they too look out for bargains to keep up with the trends. Why shouldn’t you?

9- Look out for up and coming designers, urban designers and others that make fun t-shirts with other brands slogans. They’re a fun way to be on trend. Check out for Brian Lichtenberg, featured on my favorite website fashionbombdaily ,for some fun pieces.
via fashionbombdaily

So yes, these are hardly the best well kept secrets. Sorry to disappoint. But they work for me. Good luck on your next splurge 🙂

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