Flowers In The Sun

IMG_2583Hey guys! Posting from Angola, can you tell? I am sure you can spot the differences. I do have to admit I am not the most dedicated blogger. I don´t go out looking for the perfect place that matches the outfit to take pictures or dwell on what I should wear so I can post on the blog. As much as I love blogging, I seriously find these things extremely boring so I just go with the flow. Taking pictures wherever I am and wearing whatever the heck I want. However, I do have to say I wished I was like some bloggers who write entire essays on their OOTD because I think it´s very interesting to know what inspired them to pick the clothes they were wearing. Anyways, enough of this and more of this outfit I wore a few days ago. My curly hair in its full glory! Hash tag messyhairdontcare, hash tag curlyhairdontcare. Have a lovely week! xxIMG_2641IMG_2647 IMG_2628 IMG_2626 IMG_2607 I am wearing Zara trousers and blouse, old blazer, Prada bag, Miu MIu sunnies and Celine cut-out booties.

6 thoughts on “Flowers In The Sun

  1. Just discovered your blog, and I was wowed by your shoe and bag selection. I need an invite to that closet of yours. Started following you on bloglovin. Please come by my blog, and check it out, and maybe you would like to follow back.

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