A Tulle Affair


Tulle skirts, what to say of them. Carrie Bradshaw made me fall in love with them, no doubts about that. I mean you can go wrong with a tulle skirt, wear them with a t-shirt, corsets, blazers even a bra. Who cares, the skirt will do the talking. For this particular shoot I decided to go for the black and gold theme, I love gold and black is always flattering right? And decided to go for a backless blouse, you could even go for a more dramatic backless or draped top.
IMG_3829 IMG_3831 IMG_3834 IMG_3854 IMG_3880 IMG_3891 IMG_3896Asos Tulle Skirt and Top; Miu Miu purse; Giuseppe Zanotti Design Heels; River Island belt

8 thoughts on “A Tulle Affair

  1. Just found you & your blog from instagram so I’m excited because I love finding new blogs that “speak” to me. I love tulle although I’ve not been able to wear one yet, I always admire it. Love your styling with the black & gold & hint of red! Something about tulle…maybe like you said, it’s the Carrie Bradshaw thing 😉

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