Versace Safety Pin Dress


I’ve been obsessing over this dress for quite a while now and have been counting the days ever since I ordered it online. It was delivered just a few days ago and had to wear it on a date night as soon as I got it. Versus Versace has gotten a much needed revival in my opinion. Talking about that, what did you guys think of the collaboration with M.I.A?

 Do you guys remember the infamous safety pin dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley in 1994 and then recently worn? Yes. That one. Well this one is nowhere near the iconic safety pin Versace dress but is one of those items I will forever cherish and love and use it over and over again of course.



IMG_5296 IMG_5279 IMG_5266 IMG_5242 IMG_5220Have a look at the Versus Versace dress here.

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