Monochromatic Look


Back to some hot weather for this christmas season. While I can’t complain about the weather, specially coming from London, I have to admit that sometimes when I’m not laying somewhere in a hammock by the sea, there could be milder weather because the African heat can be your worst nightmare at times.

It is quite funny that when I’m in my country I always manage to go back to black instead of playing with more colours, prints and patterns. However, this is in the works, cooking in the oven and I will be posting something fun very soon. Meanwhile, have a look at this monochromatic look, with this fab black and white Celine Edge tote and some gold accessories in the mix.




IMG_5381IMG_5380IMG_5374IMG_5378IMG_5372IMG_5377 IMG_5370I am wearing Dolce & Gabbana trousers; Style Nanda shirt; Reiss Cuffs; Jaeger necklace; Celine Bag


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