Flowers and Prints


The holiday season is long gone but for me it’s still on and I’m enjoying the moment. When I shoot for my blogs I’m not one to think about the perfect location, props and prepare the whole scenario. I just usually take photographs anywhere. Sometimes, having the right location is a cool idea to narrate a story. I actually wore that for lunch I did not know it was going to be by the beach and had a lovely surprise when I got to the pier and found out I was going to end up having lunch seaside. On the way to the restaurant I stopped by my house and decided to pick up some flowers from the garden for the shoot before we went out. The print of the dress inspired me to choose this setting which by the way goes so well with my dress!

Ps: My mom always says I like to cut off my head in my pictures but I promise it’s unintentional, lol.


IMG_6013 IMG_6012I am wearing Clover Canyon Dress; Christian Louboutin heels

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