Embellished Slides


Flats alert!

Wearing flats in the blogsphere is often seen almost as a sin because no one ever wants to admit they wear flats. You will often see things such as: “oh I never wear flats”, or “surprise, i am wearing flats for the first time”. Well I have a spoiler alert for you: everybody wears flats (shocking). Truth is most of us prefer towering heels over flats. Why? Because no one wants to look or feel basic. Now here I am, trying my best not to look too basic wearing my Zara slides that by the way look awfully similar to these ones by Chloe.

IMG_7788 IMG_7792 Paired with Asos top and Jeans (check here); Topshop denim jacket; Saint Laurent purse; Asos scarf; Zara slides (they these ones or these ones)

2 thoughts on “Embellished Slides

  1. I bet Zara constantly get sue by Chloe,or they have the same people designing for them.Because so many Zara items always look like Chloe’s.Thank Zara anyway,Because I love good brands but no way I’m buying sleepers for $800.Just Nah!!

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