Back Home

IMG_8695I am always happy to be back home, amazing feeling. However, one of the things that really makes me happy is to find all of my shoes and old stuff I left behind! Just like the Céline bag and the Jimmy Choo sandals I love so much.

For this outfit I firstly chose the Choo’s, then this H&M shorts and top and after the bag. Had to add the Tom Ford sunglasses to hide the dark circles as I was walking about with no make up on. Talking about H&M, I have to say I’ve found a whole new admiration for their recent Trend and Conscious Collection. Most of the pieces I’ve been seeing are very modern and trendy and also good quality. I always try to avoid going to Zara and I’ve decided to put Zara on the side for now (for a while now, actually), it’s H&M for now on for my high street daily fix.

I am excited to be back home, and this time around I will make an effort to take more pictures in different places of Luanda so you can all get a taste of what it is like out here.   IMG_8725 IMG_8728 IMG_8737 IMG_8707 IMG_8706 IMG_8702 IMG_8688IMG_8701

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