What I wore in Dubai I

IMG_3570Today is going to be a double post. I will be sharing with you guys two different outfits I wore while in Dubai. A very unexpected, unplanned trip I made, exactly a week before the 25th of January in a random conversation, a country was chosen and a trip to Dubai was planned.

When I am on holidays, I usually don’t like spending too much time on how I look, what I am wearing, take cameras everywhere. I just really like enjoying and exploring the moment. That’s why I really never have that much material for the blog, as far as fashion looks is concerned. This time, I tried to take some pictures of some of the outfits I wore, exactly two, in my hotel balcony that by the way had beautiful views of the Downtown area and the amazing Burj Khalifa, which was just side by side to the hotel.

IMG_3582IMG_3603 IMG_3591IMG_3592IMG_3589 IMG_3578IMG_3588I am wearing Zara’s total look and Christian Louboutin heels.

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